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The Law Offices of Steven D. Janel represents small to midsized businesses that are experiencing various types of commercial disputes. Often, these business disputes involve contracts and employment agreements. I have over 14 years of experience protecting my clients’ rights and interests in commercial litigation.

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Breach Of Contract

Contracts form the foundation of many business relationships. When these contracts are broken, business can come to a halt. The Law Offices of Steven D. Janel handles contract disputes that include issues such as the following:

  • Failure to fulfill orders
  • Failure to deliver goods
  • Failure to complete products
  • Failure to ship products

Employment Disputes

Employment disputes can involve noncompete agreements. These agreements protect the company’s assets by preventing employees from using the knowledge gained at one company to assist with another company. Noncompete agreements are integral to many businesses and protect vital components of the business’ operations.

Commercial litigation proceedings can involve business injunctions and business restraining orders. I have in-depth experience with these proceedings and the various methods that can be used to immediately protect my clients’ rights and business interests.

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