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New Jersey DUI Attorney Services

New Jersey Traffic Violations Defense Lawyer

My firm provides experienced defense to people facing various types of traffic violations offenses. I represent clients who have been arrested for drunk driving, face driver’s license suspension, have received speeding tickets, are at risk of losing their commercial driver’s licenses and many other types of traffic violations. I am licensed to practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and am able to help people from both states.

Were you arrested for DUI? Did you receive a ticket for a traffic violation? Take an important step toward protecting your rights and call the Law Offices of Steven D. Janel at 609-730-8150 to schedule your free consultation. You can also fill out a contact form and I will be in touch with you promptly.

Here are links to some helpful information about penalties for various traffic offenses and DUI in New Jersey:

New Jersey Traffic Points Schedule

New Jersey DUI Penalties

Traffic violations in New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania

Many people are tempted to pay traffic tickets, thinking that doing so is the simplest way to deal with the issue. However, paying a traffic violation is an admission of guilt that can impact your insurance rates and your driving record. The Law Offices of Steven D. Janel encourages people to seek legal help and to fight traffic tickets. Often, these are municipal court matters that can be dismissed or have charges reduced. If you have received any kind of moving violation, please contact me and we can discuss your options. I help people throughout New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania who have been cited for traffic violations such as the following:

  • Speeding

  • Speeding in school zone or work zone

  • Reckless driving

  • Driving under license suspension or revocation

  • Running a red light

  • Failure to stop at stop sign

  • Illegal turn

  • Illegal lane change

Do you need an experienced DUI defense attorney?

I provide representation every step of the way for people who have been arrested for and charged with drunk driving. I understand you have various concerns involving driver’s license suspension, heavy fine and possible jail time. I build a strong defense on behalf of each and every client by challenging and analyzing the reasons for the stop, law enforcement procedure used during the stop, police statements and other evidence. I do not hesitate to protect my clients’ rights in court and consistently work toward the best possible outcome.

Whether your traffic matter involves a speeding ticket or a DUI offense, contact the Law Offices of Steven D. Janel to schedule your free consultation.