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The Law Offices of Steven D. Janel represents individuals that have been scammed or otherwise deceived by a person, product or company. Often, these actions include false advertising, running payment schemes, or providing defective products or services, among others. I have more than 14 years of experience providing comprehensive representation to victims of consumer fraud. I seek to recover maximum compensation on their behalf.

Did a contractor lie to you about the work and services performed on your home? Do you believe you are a victim of consumer fraud? Call my firm today at 609-745-0295 to schedule your free consultation.

Let Me Examine Your Consumer Fraud Claim

Several state and federal consumer protection laws, such as the Consumer Fraud Act, shield consumers from unlawful practices. I am well-versed in the various aspects of these laws and how they apply to your situation.

As your attorney, I will use my significant legal experience to review the promises made by other individuals or companies in order to sell their product or service. I can readily assess whether these promises were deceptive and identify the legal issues that violate your consumer rights.

Home Construction Claims

A significant part of my practice involves representing homeowners who received less-than-quality work on the construction or remodel of their home. I have practical experience in new home construction, which gives me valuable insight into this matter. If you realized a structural defect, you can be confident in my ability to protect your rights and obtain a favorable outcome.

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